NYC Acoustics N210AR Dual 10 600w Rechargeable Powered Bluetooth Party Speaker

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One thing some audio enthusiasts overlook is the level of importance the enclosure of the speaker has on sound quality. This uses a top of the line wooden enclosure, which is one of the reasons the sound quality is so crisp. Other brands use particleboard, which is not as dense as the high quality MDF wood we use. This item has two 10” woofers with 1.5” KSV voice coils and 25 Oz magnets that provides really clean sounding bass. The 2 tweeters provide great sounding highs. One of the reasons our speaker sounds so good is due to the amplifier. Our engineers spent extra time and money on the built-in amplifier and properly matched the power handling. A speaker can only go as loud as the amplifier powering it. We invested into the proper enclosure, proper amplifier, and then matched the proper speaker components with the enclosure and amp.



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