UMI Step Up 110V to 220V Voltage Converter 2000W with Surge Protection, Continuous Run at Full Load

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Product Description: UMI Voltage Converter LX-2000, is designed for step up voltage converter from 110V to 220V, which is suitable for appliance with 220V-240V rated to be used in those countries with 100V-130V supply Input: 110V-120V suitable for using in countries: US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan Output: 220V-240V apply for appliances with 220-240V rated from EURO, ASIA Frequency: 50/60Hz Load Capacity: 2000Watts For UMI LX series voltage converter, there’re great features: There’s indicator showing input voltage and output power, easy to know the actual status; Light and ultra thin, fashion style design, with the very modern snow white shell, hte product is simple, stylish and full collocation with home fashion; Plastic shell insulation leakage protection, no worry electric shock; The featured design with toroidal transformers, having the prouducts to be slim and smart, high efficiency, energy saving, safety. There’s Sextuple security protections: overloading pretection/alarm, fuse short circuit protection, overheating protection, waterproof for turn on switch, and the heat resistance level of the insulation material of the toroidal transformer is over 900 degree. It’s a perfect home unit for your imported electronics with 220V-240V to be used in your country with 110V-130V supply based on it’s durable quality and powerful functions. Voltage Transformer Purchasing Guide: Prior to purchasing a voltage transformer, in order to avoid users’ frustrations and unnecessary returns, it’s imperative to check and verify what your appliance’s Maximum Power Consumption (MPC) is, which could be located on the device’s nameplate or included in it’s user instruction. The appliance’s MPC must be less than this transformer’s Maximum Load Capacity (MLC), or it will NOT work. For safety concerns and optimal results, the manufacturer recommends that the transformer’s MLC should be equal or greater than your appliance’s MPC.



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