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A woman who doesnt need validation

Think about it. Why are women spending hours in front of the mirror? They must want something. They must crave for something.

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50 Inspirational Quotes About Not Seeking Approval and Validation

Think about it. Why are women spending hours in front of the mirror? They must want something. They must crave for something. That something is attention. They are addicted to that feeling they feel when someone gives them a compliment. Especially someone with value.

The more attention a woman is getting, the more addictive she is. And as you may guess, sex is the ultimate validation, last proof that she is worth. Not even when you are about to marry her.

Always keep her on the leash. She is responsive and you are seducing her. It goes well, she is interested in you. You tease her, give her emotions, build rapport, but you never validate her. This is all a game. The only way you show that you are interested in her is by being physical. But you never verbalize it. You have focus and you are silently seducing her.

Only then you become a challenge. If you feel she is attracted to you in any way, all you have to do is not validate her. You can play with her but we will come to that in a minute. You have bigger value than her. You look better. In fact, you are better.

Now, you enter the room and still look at her like she is not worth, like she is the little girl that will take her clothes off for you, just so she can feel validated. Take that shirt off. You are still sitting like a cool man, relaxed, cold.

You can do whatever you want to her, even treat her as an object. This has been field tested a lot of times. You will be surprised at how good this works. The only thing women needed to survive in the old times is to be attractive, or to be more precise, to look good enough for alpha to make her a child. Same as today. So whenever you gave her a compliment, biology reward her with a good feeling.

But, what does an average guy do? He kisses a girl at the start of a night, makes out with her a lot and says how much he likes her and validates that bitch. How come she later went in a club with some other guys? Why would she need him, when he has already validated her? When he already gave her his whole attention. We have said so many times that with women, less is more.

The guy that in their opinion can make their life better and safer. Everyone should know how this game works. Even when you are meeting some girl and plan to get into LTR with her, this validation stuff still applies. You lead how fast things go. When she does something cool, you validate her, give her a little kiss.

When she is creating drama, and bitching around, soft next is what you do, ignore her. The hardest part about validation game is the temptation to escalate or compliment her. Wait a little longer, it will pay off trust me.

Validation is a tricky thing. It works beautifully on hot girls. And when she says something, I will crush her with some comment. Then she sinks more in her head and feels like she is not worth.

And I will continue to destroy her whenever she says something. When she is about to cry, I give her a smile and let her know that she is cool. And when she starts to seek my attention, I will give it to everyone in the room except for her. Later, I tell her to come with me in the room. And there she looks like she is begging for me to fuck her. No matter how hard it is to keep your discipline and not validate her, if she is responding to this, continue until you two are alone.

I also had girls that are really hot, that think they are queens and that every guy wants them which is almost correct. They become brutal, hysterical. Some of them even start to cry, just to grab some attention. I would hug them and talk to them, ask them why are they crying, and then we just kiss.

I was kissing a girl while she cried and it was simply amazing. When you take attention from women they are lost, they usually start to act like children. This is precisely why ghosting is so powerful. Why, am I not pretty enough? The more value you have, the more your opinion is important to her. Obviously, this is not going to work if you are homeless on a street.

In other words, work on yourself. Those guys who can play this game right will have a big success because when you win a girl psychologically, you can do whatever you want to her. She becomes your play doll then. No one gives a shit about you. Work on your self-image.

Just be yourself. You can pretend to ignore a woman but they will know you are purposely doing it when everyone in the room is looking at them but you.

They know this game well. They created it. This attention woman is trying to seek my validation by asking me to donate money to st jude hospital.

I said no i am focused on achieving my goals now she asking how much can i afford? How do i stop her from setting me up. This was clearly written by a psychopath that wants to punish hot women because he was not able to get one by being himself.

On the contrary i think your just butt hurt that this guy has uncovered the craft of women and is simply helping inexperienced youths with women. Because in a all honesty women are weird and confusing. Confidence is key. Strike while the iron is hot. Women tend to get bored easily. Also remember the best baseball players ever have only batted. The best of the best in the pick up game still fail 7 out of 10 times.

Some guy did this to me and I walked the fuck away. We dated for 3 months, and he was a good looking, successful cop with his own place, nice body, car, etc. After a few weeks of dating, I felt like I was walking on egg shells and despite how good looking and perfect he seemed, my gut was telling me to leave. He poured his love and affection on to me about as quickly as he took it away and thought I come begging for him to take me back after he ignored me. This is manipulative and can lead to controlling, abusive behavior.

Who even thinks of doing this? Girls are very intuitive and can pick up on this stuff. Thank you, NEXT. You women are the biggest liars on the planet and sit there acting all innocent, not even gonna get into the feminist bullshit the media has been throwing on the world for so long. Girls are very, very manipulative and they have to be in a lot of ways biologically. We as men can either play their game or get played. I guarantee you if your ex comes back in the future with a booty call, your ass is over to his house with the snap of your fingers.

How To Stop Your Pursuit of Emotional Validation And Approval

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Confident women can be scary; society is heteronormative and relies on gender codes and internalised behaviour and expectations to keep us conforming to specific gender norms. It can be so easy to fall into a self loathing trap, where you never think you are good enough as you are.

You can learn how to be a strong woman instead of seeking validation from men— Or anyone for that matter. You can validate yourself from the inside instead of looking to your outer world to feel better. Validation means understanding your insides. This can all be done internally within yourself.

Tactics Tuesdays: Pick Up and Emotional Validation

Speak your heart out. Trying to please people will drain your energy. Mark questioned if the food will be good. Neither of us had tried the food at this place before. Yet, I nodded in agreement like a cute dog. Similarly, you might regularly confirm your choice of clothes with someone else. You want people to think well of you. You desire to get accepted by others and feel accomplished. You mostly hang out with people with similar taste and that agree with you.

How To Be A Strong Woman— Instead Of Seeking Validation In Relationships

Seeking approval for the things that we do is something that is hardwired into our minds even from an early age. Often times, the approval we are seeking is from loved ones and respected adults, like our school teachers. A kind word of encouragement, or a sign of disapproval, can have a profound impact on us at this time. In healthy and well-developed individuals, they have come to realize that ultimately what matters is that they approve of their choices. Most of us have work to be done to get to that point, and to stop seeking the approval of others.

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The Woman Who Does Not Require Validation from Anyone Is the Most Feared Individual On the Planet

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Some of us care way too much about what other people think of us. We could all learn to care a little bit less about the opinion of others. You march to the beat of your own drum. You do things your way, and people either love that quality in you, or they hate it. It seems as if nothing gets you down.

The psychology behind seeking validation (and Why YOU need it?)

Let me explain. Disastrous relationships are nothing new for me. My past is riddled with complicated, codependent, and crazy encounters. Never before have I been more wrong. Like any self-help junkie, I made it my business to learn everything I could about the philosophy behind what I hoped would save my relationship. I attended a lecture by Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago Therapy.

The Woman who Doesn't Require Validation from Anyone is the Most Feared Individual on the Planet. -Mohadesa Najumi: a Lined Boss Lady Girl Journal for.

A reader writes in, on the topic of emotional validation :. Maybe you call it something different but I was talking to a female friend of mine and she brought something up that seemed similar to it. I was telling her about how I and my pops were watching a Laker game and my mom kept bringing up how "she needs to get her work done. After a while I barked back "well go do it then. So, after the game ended I talked to her about it and she was telling me how I could have said "I know you gotta get your work done but how about you relax with us and watch the game and then go start on the work afterwards?

AS FAR AS shitty life choices go, I think relentlessly pursuing emotional validation is in competition for the top spot with cowardice and immorality. Sure, the other two make the bold claim of making you incapable and inhuman, but pursuing emotional validation is pretty much the life choice equivalent of opting for a life of torture. I mean slow, mind-destroying, water drop torture.

I have lost count of the amount of times I've been told that I am "too assertive". It starts off with friendly smile and a seemingly caring comment about how what I am saying is correct, but how I express it is the problem. I have thought a lot about how I can alleviate my methodology of communication so I do not come off as "assertive" and I've wondered about why it is even a problem in the first place.

I imagine this is true. The woman who is so content within herself as not to need any validation from anyone sounds pretty scary.

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