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Can a virgin girl get cervical cancer

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More: Every girl needs the HPV vaccine, so why are so many skipping it? The study looked at data from 51 other HPV studies and found that the virus was present in 51 percent of female virgins. While some of those virgins may have contracted it from mouth-to-genital contact, others likely got it from hand-to-genital contact. But the craziness goes even further than that.

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Is genital human papillomavirus infection always sexually transmitted?

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If you have questions or need to talk, call our helpline for information or support. Come to a support event to meet other people who have had a cervical cancer diagnosis.

Face to face support for people living with or beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis. Read about ways to cope with any effects of treatment and getting practical support. I had been experiencing for about a year or over now a reoccurring extreme pain in which initially I thought was coming from my rectal area.

This pain reoccurs every months and only stays for days at a time. It almost felt like an ulcer or something within the rectum. After it settled within the day, I had noticed that the same excruciating pain came back when I was passing stool, so I was convinced it was a rectal issue up until yesterday.

I decided to carry out a self-examination and put my finger in my vagina trying to feel exactly which wall and where the pain was coming from and discovered that is was from my cervix. It hurt to touch my cervix when it normally shouldn't. I saw my doctor today, he thinks I am having anxiety about my general health and that I am describing symptoms of IBS again.

Do you think this is the case? Would cervical cancer show in such blood tests in the first place? I am also quite worried about the pain I will face due to being a virgin. Do I really need one? Why could I be experiencing cervical pain? Anyone else had the same symptoms I had and then was diagnosed with cancer? It doesn't have to be sex. You have described touching your own cervix so it would be possible to introduce HPV in that kind of a way.

It would reassure you enormously to have the smear test. I would be very surprised if they found anything. No evidence of recurrence. Discharged by urology and colorectal surgeons. I can't say too much about what you symptoms might mean but I've read lots of posts on this forum and it seems everyone is different and symptoms vary a lot. Some women have loads of symptoms and it can be something very minor and some have no symptoms but they find precancerous cells etc.

Whether your a virgin or not I think it's still important to go for your routine smear tests especially if you have symptoms and you are concerned. Other virgins have described that their first smear test is quite painful but I think this is mostly down to being nervous which makes the body tense up. You need to make sure you relax, think calm thoughts, and tell the nurse you are a virgin so she uses a smaller speculum and lube, and can offer some extra support. The insertion of the speculum is the uncomfortable bit the actual swab of the cervix should be fine.

If you get spotting afterwards this is also very normal. Hopefully, your smear goes well and you will get some results that will put your mind at ease. Good luck. Aug Colposcopy appointment:biopsy taken, results showed CIN2. Put on surveillance, repeat colposcopy in 6 mths. Results only showed CIN1 but fully treated, smear in 6 mths.

Hello, Iam not a doctor but have had abdominal issues, chronic appenditis, in the past. I used to have pains in the vulva, ovaries and uterus, when examined, along the part of cervix as well. This led to repeated inflammations of ovaries and uterus and green discharge. The doctor is right in saying that everything is touching in the abdomen, and so makes it harder to know the cause. I was a virgin at the time, so I was examined rectally. A smear test was never suggested on ethical grounds speculum exams are not done on virgins in my home country.

What I suggest you do is seek a second opinion somewhere either from a different GP, in A and E when having recurrence or privately.

You do need investigations by specialists, I am not sure a smear test is the most essential test in your case if you are having symptoms. Hello again, the GP says it correctly that some women bleed between periods. There is a bleeding known as mid-cycle bleed, in the run up to ovulation.

I experienced it around days 12 to 14, sometimes needed pads as it was fresh blood, experienced sharp pains along my right side and in the groin. I had it for years in my 30s, then it went and then it returned in a weak form in my 40s. I was told it was absolutely Normal. Perhaps you should check yours out with another GP. Search Submit. The cervix. Ask The Expert.

Have a question? Receive a confidential response from a medical professional. Support events. Connect with others, share experiences and ask questions on our forum. Hospital support service. Living with cervical cancer. Practice Nurses and GPs. Information for teachers. Increasing cervical screening attendance. Cervical Screening Awards. Who we are. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Cervical screening smear test Virgin- symptoms of cervical cancer? Virgin- symptoms of cervical cancer?

Log in or register to post comments. Last post. I would very much appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thank you. I think the chances of you having cervical cancer are extremely remote. But you should have the smear for two reasons: 1 HPV can be passed on through intimate skin to skin contact. Some extremely rare types are not. And as others have been saying cervical cancer is rare, extremely rare in virgins.

Hope it goes well.

Smear test for a virgin

Every year, millions of people with female reproductive organs will head to their gynecologist for a pap smear. Most of those people will see it as a routine part of their annual health exam. But if you've never experienced one yourself, the idea of a pap test can seem intimidating.

They are the world's fourth biggest cause of cancer deaths, but one in five women can't even name a symptom. So here are some key facts in time for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month. These latest stats are shocking given that these cancers, which include vaginal, womb and ovarian, are the second most common cause of cancer among women in the UK killing 21 each day.

The occurrence of genital human papillomavirus HPV infection was studied prospectively by colposcopy and histology in 43 virginal and sexually active women attending a colposcopy clinic. The study also included husbands of the latter group. By colposcopic criteria, the prevalence of HPV infection was The prevalence was There was a strong association in genital HPV infection between husbands and wives as expected from a sexually transmissible disease.

Pap Smear (Pap Test): What to Expect

Most health care organizations recommend women begin regular Pap testing at age If you're a virgin — meaning you haven't had sexual vaginal intercourse — you may have a low risk of cervical cancer, but you can still consider testing. The purpose of a Pap smear is to collect cells from your cervix, which is the lower end of your uterus. The cells collected in a Pap smear can detect if you have cervical cancer or suspicious cells that indicate you may develop cervical cancer. In most cases, cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted infection called human papillomavirus HPV. If you've never had any type of sexual intercourse, you're unlikely to have HPV. However, there are other risk factors for developing cervical cancer, such as family history and smoking, so talk to your doctor if you have concerns. For effective cervical cancer screening, many organizations recommend an initial Pap smear at age Discuss when to begin cervical cancer screening with your doctor. Together you can decide what's best for your particular situation.

Male virgins can still acquire HPV, study finds

The study included 87 male virgins between the ages of 18 and 70 from Brazil, Mexico and the U. The participants were followed every six months for up to 10 visits between and Male virgins who did not have sex during the research period acquired HPV despite never having engaged in penetrative sexual intercourse, although they acquired the virus at about half the rate as those who began having sex during the study period. Finding HPV in this population was not entirely surprising, but it reinforces the point that HPV vaccination should not be thought of only in the context of sexual behavior," said Alan Nyitray, Ph. Researchers believe that HPV was transmitted to male virgins enrolled in the study through non-penetrative sexual behavior such as hand-to-genital contact or genital-to-genital contact.

Sexually transmitted diseases STDs are common worldwide, with especially alarming numbers in Brazil.

If you have questions or need to talk, call our helpline for information or support. Come to a support event to meet other people who have had a cervical cancer diagnosis. Face to face support for people living with or beyond a cervical cancer diagnosis. Read about ways to cope with any effects of treatment and getting practical support.

Being a virgin will not save you from HPV

Do I need to go for a cervical smear test or not? If you have never had sexual intercourse, you probably do not need to have a cervical smear test. Cervical cancer is more common in women who are sexually active and the risk increases with the number of sexual partners a woman has.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Pap smears, HPV testing and how they help you avoid cervical cancer

Even girls who have not had sexual intercourse are at risk for infection with human papillomavirus HPV , a new study shows. In the study, which involved teen girls and young women, HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that is most commonly passed between people during vaginal or anal intercourse. But it can also be transmitted through genital-to-genital, or hand-to-genital contact, which is how the participants in the study likely got the virus, the researchers said. Out of the more than 40 sexually transmitted HPV strains, more than a dozen have been identified as cancer-causing, according to the National Cancer Institute. HPV infections are usually transient, but can cause cervical cancer in some people if the infection lingers for long periods.

Virgin- symptoms of cervical cancer?

Yes, it is currently recommended that all women between the ages of undertake a routine Cervical Screening Test HPV Test every 5 years. Routine Cervical Screening detects the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus HPV , prior to the development of abnormal cells, which over a long period of time up to 10 years can go on to form cervical cancer. Routine Cervical Screening Tests are critical to the prevention of cervical cancer. The test is available on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Currently, there is no routine HPV test available for men.

Dec 27, - Cervical uterine cancer in a virgin young woman – Case report factor, which can be detected in % of cervical cancers (Walboomers et al. in the literature is small, the few reported cases have tended to be fatal, but it is.

It is a common misconception that you must be a virgin to get Cervarix or Gardasil, or Gardisil 9 the human papillomavirus HPV vaccines. Since HPV can be spread through skin-to-skin contact and penetration isn't required to contract the virus, it can be easier to catch than some other sexually transmitted diseases STDs. And also unlike some other STD's, it can cause more problems than an infection alone.

Smear test - necessary for virgin?

A Pap smear, also called a Pap test, is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on your cervix. The cervix is the opening of the uterus.

[Cervix adenocarcinoma in a virgin patient with negative human papillomavirus].

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Do You Have to Be a Virgin to Get the HPV Vaccine?

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