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Sunday, November 24, 14 suspected rebels face criminal raps. Omblero was off-duty from Lumbayao Patrol Base when the incident happened. On board two motorcycles, the gunmen barged into the victim's house and held the couple at gunpoint. The victim was ordered to drive his motorcycle and together with his partner, went with the suspects. Upon reaching Barangay Batangan, they were then ordered to kneel.

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Benigno Aquino Jr.

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The President of the Philippines is the Commander-in-Chief of the AFP and forms military policy with the Department of National Defense , an executive department acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out, while the Chief of Staff is the overall commander and the highest-ranking officer in the AFP.

Military service is entirely voluntary. Pre-Hispanic Philippines maintained local militia groups under the barangay system. Reporting to the datu , these groups, aside from maintaining order in their communities, also served as their defense forces.

With the arrival of Islam, the system of defense forces in the Mindanao region's sultanates under Muslim control mirrored those other existing sultanates in the region. These local warriors who were in the service of the Sultan were also responsible to qualified male citizens appointed by him.

During the Spanish colonial period, the Spanish Army was responsible for the defense and general order of the archipelago in the land, while the Spanish Navy conducts maritime policing in the seas as well as providing naval logistics to the Army.

The Guardia Civil took police duties and maintaining public order in villages and towns. In the early years of Spanish colonial era, most of the formations of the army were composed of conquistadors backed with native auxiliaries. By the 18th and 19th Centuries, line infantry and cavalry formations were created composed of mixed Spanish and Filipino personnel, as well as volunteer battalions composed of all-Filipino volunteers during the later half of the 19th Century.

Units from other colonies were also levied to augment the existing formations in the Philippines. Almost all of the formations of the Spanish Army in the archipelago participated in the local religious uprisings between 17th and 19th Centuries, and in the Philippine Revolution in fighting against the revolutionary forces.

The Spanish cession of the Philippines in the Treaty of Paris put the independence of the newly declared Southeast Asian republic in grave danger.

The revolutionaries were fighting desperately as the American forces already landed in other islands and had taken over towns and villages. The Americans established the Philippine Constabulary in manned by Filipino fighters and used against Gen.

Aguinaldo who was later captured. Since the beginning of American rule in the Philippines, the United States Army had taken the responsibility for the defense of the country in the land, and the United States Navy in the seas until the passage of the National Defense Act of which called for a separate defense force for the Philippines. In accordance with the National Defense Act of , the Armed Forces of the Philippines was officially established on December 21, , when the act entered into force.

General Douglas MacArthur was asked to supervise its foundation and training. MacArthur accepted the offer and became a Field Marshal of the Philippines, a rank no other person has since held.

The Army of the Philippines included naval and air assets directly reporting to Army headquarters, and the Philippine Constabulary, later part of the ground forces proper as a division. In the Constabulary Division was separated from the army and reorganized into a national police force.

MacArthur expanded the Army of the Philippines with the revival of the Navy in and the formation of the Philippine Army Air Corps formerly the Philippine Constabulary Air Corps , but they were not ready for combat at the start of the Pacific War in December and unable to defeat the —42 Japanese invasion of the Philippines. In , most soldiers of the Philippine military were incorporated in the U.

The establishment of the general headquarters of the Philippine Commonwealth Army are military station went to the province during occupation. Those who survived the invasion but escaped from the Japanese formed the basis of recognized guerrilla units and ongoing local military force of the Philippine Commonwealth Army that continued the fighting against the enemy all over the islands.

The Philippine Constabulary went on active service under the Armed Forces of the Philippines during liberation. This was its second independence after the Philippine Declaration of Independence in At the same time the armed forces, including the established Marine company under the PN, fought against Communist elements of the Hukbalahap by then the Bagong Hukbong Bayan, the Philippine counterpart of the PLA in Central Luzon, two Southern Tagalog provinces and several Visayan provinces, with great successes.

In , an AFP battalion was also sent into South Vietnam during the Vietnam War to ameliorate the economic and social conditions of its people there. AFP units were also sent at the same time to the Spratly Islands. Upon the declaration of Martial Law in , then-President Ferdinand Marcos used the AFP, through the regime's secret police force, the National Intelligence and Security Authority, to arrest, and to contain his political opponents.

However, Marcos - as Commander in Chief - did modernization efforts for the AFP by instituting a series of self-reliance programs to enable it to construct its own weapons, warplanes, tanks, ships and aircraft locally instead of buying from foreign sources. A missile development program known as the "Sta. Barbara project" was initiated by the AFP and missiles were successfully tested, but the project was discontinued after the Marcos administration.

In , when Marcos' trusted military officer, General Fabian Ver became the AFP chief of staff, favoritism was believed to be attached to the military organization due to the fact that the general only placed his favorites in most sensitive positions, it did not dismay qualified officers.

Marcos would like to make sure who is fit for the job. Ver and Marcos also extended the tour of duty of those military officers who should have been effectively retired, to the dismay also of the younger officers. Consequently, discontent in the AFP ensued. The AFP also at that time, waged a military campaign against the secessionist Moro National Liberation Front in the island of Mindanao and New People's Army units under the Communist Party of the Philippines nationwide, growing to a , strong force.

General Fidel V. Ramos took a stand against Marcos, ushering in the bloodless People Power Revolution that removed Marcos from power and installed Corazon Aquino as the new president of the Philippines.

During Aquino's term, most of the military units remained loyal to her as she dealt with various coup attempts against her by other military factions that remained loyal to the former dictator and those military officers who helped her to assume power. The coup attempt, the bloodiest of all coup attempts against her was crushed with US help. In , the major services of the AFP was reduced from four to three, when the Philippine Constabulary or PC, an AFP major service tasked to enforce the law and to curb criminality, was formally merged with the country's Integrated National Police , a national police force on the cities and municipalities in the country attached to the PC to become the Philippine National Police , thus removing it from AFP control and it was civilianized by a law passed by Congress, therefore becoming under the Department of the Interior and Local Government as a result.

Since , the Armed Forces of the Philippines has been active in supporting the War on terror and has been attacking terrorist groups in Mindanao ever since. In , the AFP Chief of Staff said that there had been no increase in the number of soldiers over a long period, and that the military aimed to hire 30, troops in three years.

Republic Act No. All of its branches are part of the Department of National Defense , which is headed by the Secretary of National Defense. The AFP has three major services: [29]. The Philippine Constabulary PC was a gendarmerie type para-military police force of the Philippines established in by the United States-appointed administrative authority, replacing the Guardia Civil of the Spanish colonial regime. On December 13, , Republic Act No.

Upon the effectivity of that Act, the PC ceased to be a major service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the INP ceased to be the national police and civil defense force. Units from these three services may be assigned to one of six "Unified Commands", consisting of different branches from the three branches of the AFP, which are multi-service, regional entities: [32]. An initial JDA report in provided an objective evaluation of Philippine defense capability.

This led to a follow-up JDA and formulation of recommendations addressing deficiencies found in the Philippine defense structure. The results of the JDA were devastating. Moreover, the results pointed overwhelmingly toward institutional and strategic deficiencies as being the root cause of most of the shortcomings.

Specifically, the JDA revealed critical deficiencies in the following specific areas: [34]. During a reciprocal visit to the Philippines in October by U. President Bush, he and President Arroyo issued a joint statement expressing their commitment to embark upon a multi-year plan to implement the JDA recommendations. The JDA specifically identified 65 key areas and ancillary areas of concern.

These were reduced to ten broad-based and inter-related recommendations that later became the basis for what became known as the PDR Priority Programs. The ten are: [35] 1. Improve Intelligence, Operations, and Training Capacities 3. Improve Logistics Capacity 4. Professional Development Program 5. Improve Personnel Management System 6. Development of Strategic Communication Capability Information Management Development Program.

From the perspective of the Philippine Department of National Defense DND , the framework for reforms is based on an environment of increasing economic prowess and a gradually decreasing threat level over time, and seeks to make the following improvements: [36] 1. Implement capability for seamless interoperability by developing proficiency in the conduct of joint operations, eliminating crisis handleing by individual major services as done previously.

Enhance capability to counter terrorism and other transnational threats. Improve cost-effectiveness of operations. Improve accountability and transparency in the DND. Increase professionalism in the AFP through reforms in areas such as promotions, assignments, and training.

Increase involvement of AFP in the peace process. According to the goals stated in the Philippines Defense Reform Handbook:, "The PDR serves as the overall framework to re-engineer our systems and re-tool our personnel.

Creating the environment for reform — ; 2. Enabling the defense establishment — ; 3. Implementing and institutionalizing reform — On September 23, , President Arroyo issued Executive Order , streamlining procedures for defense contracts for the expeditious implementation of defense projects and the speedy response to security threats while promoting transparency, impartiality, and accountability in government transactions.

The PDR is jointly funded by the U. Neither of these projections have proven accurate. As of [update] , at the six-year mark of PDR, the Philippine economy was internally strong, but suffering during a period of recession that crippled Philippine purchasing power. Worse, the threat situation in the Philippines had not improved significantly, or as in the case of the Sulu Archipelago, was deteriorating.

PDR advocates in a position of re-winning previously won points and positions, and gave U. As of [update] , U. However, they see some troubling signs that the depth of the PDR's impact may not be as significant as originally desired.

Even with full implementation of all the PDR's programs and recommendations, the defense establishment would not be able to sustain itself at current funding levels.

While this can be made up by future outlays, as of [update] observers see no outward sign the legislature is planning to do so.

The Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and the United States has not been updated since its signing in As of [update] , discussions were underway for a formal U.

Longstanding treaties, such as the aforementioned Mutual Defense Treaty and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS of , [49] are of great importance to the Philippines in supporting maritime security in particular; respectively, their legally binding nature provides long-term effectiveness for mutual defense cooperation and for the development of the Philippine maritime and archipelagic domain.

Philippine defense operations are supported in part through U. These funds are aimed at carrying out security, counterterrorism training and rule of law programs. The most recent U. In , The Jamestown Foundation , a US-based think tank , reported that the AFP was one of the weakest military forces in Southeast Asia, saying that as the country's primary security threats are land-based, the Army has received priority funding, and that the operational effectiveness of the Philippine Navy PN and Philippine Coast Guard PCG has suffered accordingly, leaving the country's sea lanes largely unprotected.

Yano , then Chief of Staff of the AFP, that the Philippine military cannot fully defend the country from external threats due to a lack of weapons and a preoccupation with crushing the long-running communist and Muslim insurgencies.

Armed Forces of the Philippines

The President of the Philippines is the Commander-in-Chief of the AFP and forms military policy with the Department of National Defense , an executive department acting as the principal organ by which military policy is carried out, while the Chief of Staff is the overall commander and the highest-ranking officer in the AFP. Military service is entirely voluntary. Pre-Hispanic Philippines maintained local militia groups under the barangay system.

Benigno Simeon " Ninoy " Aquino Jr. QSC [2] [3] [4] [5] November 27, — August 21, was a Filipino politician who served as a Senator of the Philippines — and governor of the province of Tarlac.

Оказавшись на улице, человек в очках в тонкой металлической оправе достал крошечный прибор, закрепленный на брючном ремне, - квадратную коробочку размером с кредитную карту. Это был опытный образец нового компьютера Монокль, разработанного ВМС США для проверки напряжения аккумуляторов в труднодоступных отделениях подводных лодок - миниатюрный аппарат, совмещенный с сотовым модемом, последнее достижение микротехнологии.

Его визуальный монитор - дисплей на жидких кристаллах - был вмонтирован в левую линзу очков. Монокль явился провозвестником новой эры персональных компьютеров: благодаря ему пользователь имел возможность просматривать поступающую информацию и одновременно контактировать с окружающим миром. Кардинальное отличие Монокля заключалось не в его миниатюрном дисплее, а в системе ввода информации.

В обычных условиях такое действие считалось бы недопустимым. Но в сложившейся ситуации никакой опасности в загрузке в ТРАНСТЕКСТ этой программы не было, потому что коммандер точно знал, что это за файл и откуда он появился. - Несмотря на все мое уважение к вам, сэр, - продолжал настаивать Чатрукьян, - мне никогда еще не доводилось слышать о диагностике, в которой использовалась бы мутация… - Коммандер, - перебила его Сьюзан, которая не могла больше ждать.

 - Мне действительно нужно… На этот раз ее слова прервал резкий звонок мобильного телефона Стратмора. Коммандер поднес его к уху. - В чем дело? - рявкнул он и замолчал, внимательно слушая собеседника. Сьюзан на какое-то время забыла про Хейла. Она молила Бога, чтобы Стратмору звонил Дэвид.

Скажи мне скорей, что с ним все в порядке, - думала.  - Скажи, что он нашел кольцо.

О его существовании знали только три процента американцев. - АНБ, - пошутил приятель, - означает Агентство, которого Никогда не Было. Со смешанным чувством тревоги и любопытства Беккер принял приглашение загадочного агентства. Он проехал тридцать семь миль до их штаб-квартиры, раскинувшейся на участке площадью тридцать шесть акров среди лесистых холмов Форт-Мида в штате Мэриленд.

Читайте! - Джабба обливался .

Беккер двинулся по едва освещенному коридору. Все здесь напоминало зловещую декорацию к голливудскому фильму ужасов. В воздухе стоял тяжелый запах мочи.

Скажи папе, что все в порядке. Но нутром он чувствовал, что это далеко не. Интуиция подсказывала ему, что в глубинах дешифровального чудовища происходит что-то необычное. ГЛАВА 10 - Энсей Танкадо мертв? - Сьюзан почувствовала подступившую к горлу тошноту.

- Я воспользуюсь вашим лифтом. Сьюзан пойдет со. А вы останетесь. - Мне неприятно тебе это говорить, - сказал Стратмор, - но лифт без электричества - это не лифт. - Вздор! - крикнул Хейл.

Он не мог понять, почему Мидж всегда права. Он не заметил отражения, мелькнувшего за оконным стеклом рядом с. Крупная фигура возникла в дверях директорского кабинета. - Иису… - Слова застряли у Бринкерхоффа в глотке.  - Ты думаешь, что в ТРАНСТЕКСТ проник вирус. Мидж вздохнула: - А что еще это может. - Это может быть не вашим делом! - раздался зычный голос у них за спиной.

Мидж от неожиданности стукнулась головой о стекло.

"SUNDALO SA PAGBABAGO" A short documentary video on the life of Aliaa Bradex, former Commander Dec 25,

Мистер Густафсон? - не удержался от смешка Ролдан.  - Ну. Я хорошо его знаю.

Ну и что мне, прожевать все эти цифры. Она поправила прическу. - Ты же всегда стремился к большей ответственности. Вот .

Дэвид в Испании? - Она не могла поверить услышанному.  - Вы отправили его в Испанию? - В ее голосе послышались сердитые нотки.  - Зачем. Стратмор казался озадаченным.

И больше .

Стратмор закрыл лицо руками. - Хорошо. Это на нижнем этаже. Возле фреоновых помп.

Сьюзан должна была признать, что прозвучало это довольно убедительно. У Танкадо не было причин подозревать, что код в Интернете не является оригиналом. Никто не имел к нему доступа, кроме него самого и Северной Дакоты. Если бы Танкадо не вернулся к анализу программы после ее выпуска свет, он ничего бы не узнал про этот черный ход.

Но он так долго трудился над Цифровой крепостью, что вряд ли ему захотелось бы к ней возвращаться. Сьюзан понадобилось некоторое время, чтобы все это осмыслить. Она вдруг поняла стремление коммандера к необычайной секретности в шифровалке.

Жертва ощутила прикосновение смерти, и началась совершенно иная игра. Беккер мчался, не видя ничего вокруг, постоянно сворачивал, избегая прямых участков.

Шаги неумолимо приближались.

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