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Log in or Sign up. Walt Harris' daughter is missing around Auburn, Alabama. Please read this thread for more information. Fighter high-profile celebrity to date a UFC fighter? Joined: Jan 15, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1,. So I was thinking who is the most high-profile celebrity or person to date or marry a UFC fighter?

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UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha ‘dating model ring girl Camila Oliveira’

At the end of a long night, Keri Anne Taylor decided she would give her date something memorable. We were messing around, teasing each other," she recalls. We were back in the living room with his roommates, and he decided he wanted to test my punching skills, so he broke out the pads. I decided to bypass the pads and pop him in the eye. His roommates laughed. He took it well.

I liked that. That was 12 years ago, and they've been married for about half that time. Clearly, this kind of roughhousing—playful, consensual roughhousing, but roughhousing nonetheless—is pretty atypical for a first date. That is, unless you're an MMA fighter. Fans could be forgiven for being unaware that the planet's most brutal sport is a breeding ground for romance.

But according to anecdotal evidence and the fighters themselves, it is precisely that. When they square off Saturday to vie for Nunes' bantamweight title in UFC 's main event, they'll become the first openly gay athletes to fight each other for a UFC championship.

What's more, their partners are also active UFC fighters who may one day face each other as well—strawweights Nina Ansaroff and Tecia Torres, respectively, for Nunes and Pennington. Athletes dating their colleagues is unusual in the wider sports universe. Not at all uncommon in MMA. No matter one's orientation, MMA fighters seem far more likely to form romantic bonds with one another compared with their non-MMA counterparts.

High-profile relationships between fighters are everywhere. Ronda Rousey married heavyweight Travis Browne in The list goes on. It's not exactly the kind of topic that lends itself to robust data collection, but the dynamics fighters describe demonstrate why MMA can lead to love, and potentially reveal more about the sport—and what it demands of the lives it ensnares—than anything that happens in front of the cameras.

When you're sitting there sweating on each other, up close and personal, kicking each other and punching each other, you experience something different with each other. Long before the world watched her effectively end Rousey's MMA career , Nunes was turning heads and tanning the hide of any sparring partner shoved in front of her. The native Brazilian who would eventually be dubbed "The Lioness" needed an equal, or at least someone with the sand to stand up to her.

That's when Ansaroff appeared. She will always come forward, and I keep moving forward. She is strong like I am. A mutual respect formed, intertwined with the physical intimacy that MMA necessitates. Nunes, an admitted workaholic, didn't have much of a life outside of her daily routine. We used to train and go eat together, maybe go out. It was meant to be. To say that fighter attraction is born from the physical doesn't solely imply alluring physiques glistening with sweat.

It's customary for fighters, men and women, to practice together, and in far closer proximity than other sports. It was a passion that we shared. Perhaps counterintuitively, fighting itself breeds affection, competitors say.

There's vulnerability in stripping oneself to bare wood, as happens in the starkly binary world of fighting. It's not an easy thing to do. You grow together. You need somebody else with you. We helped each other so much. I started to look at her with mother eyes.

People get so close, and they see things they never see before. You are chasing the same dream together. Nunes and Ansaroff started dating about five years ago. At first, their personal compatibility dovetailed nicely with their professional compatibility.

Problems at home? Handle them at work. Plenty of couples may laughingly acknowledge the appeal of that approach, and for Nunes and Ansaroff, it actually worked for a while. That model of conflict resolution eventually and predictably ran its course, though. But you can hurt each other. Now if there is something to fix, we talk. If they didn't know any better, hotel guests might have mistaken Pennington for a DJ, with her backward ball cap, Puma hoodie and barbell piercing through her lower lip.

Sitting by her side, Torres is primmer in a plaid skirt and thin navy V-neck over a crisp white blouse. Only the trash-compactor biceps writhing under Torres' sleeves suggest that these two might be pro athletes. As they settle into chairs in the noisy lobby, both exude a kind of deliberate sanguinity. They're being nice, but that can change if it needs to.

They met six years ago, when both were competing for the all-female Invicta Fighting Championships. The couple now own a home there and got engaged last year. She just stood by me. Fighters say that, or some variation of it, over and over again. The MMA life is so regimented, so multivariate, so—if you'll forgive a lazy metaphor—spartan that it's hard for someone outside the community to keep up.

The meals are all about timing and what's going into your body for your fuel," Pennington says. A lot of people are used to 9 to 5 or whatever, but if noon hits and we're not home, we get it. A light heavyweight perhaps best remembered for taking down celebrity ex-champ Chuck Liddell, Jardine now plays a supporting role for fiancee and UFC strawweight Jodie Esquibel.

If I had not been a fighter, I might have a hard time understanding that. Fighting is a really selfish thing. Someone else might want your time, but you can't give it to them. When both fighters are active, it's a whole other ballgame. The Melendezes are both active fighters and own a gym together, on top of Gilbert's on-camera duties. They also have a 7-year-old daughter, Layla.

Being fighters stretches schedules thin, but it simultaneously makes the fabric of their lives more pliable. We have an understanding of what they need in their diet. I'm not going to be rude and bring in some ice cream when my wife is cutting weight. Sometimes someone needs to sleep in more.

Today I woke my daughter up, my wife made her breakfast and did her hair, and I dropped her off. Then we trained, we did business stuff, and I picked her up. These kinds of stable, loving relationships may be a bit surprising to those who have only passing familiarity with MMA.

But what the fighter-fighter relationships show is that even if MMA can inadvertently attract those with criminally violent tendencies, it can also be an environment that helps steer athletes into a healthy lifestyle.

Or even one that deters domestic violence across the population. Torres, who endured domestic violence as a child and younger adult, takes it a step further. She recently earned a master's degree in criminology, just days before Pennington proposed, and one day plans to work with domestic violence victims.

I saw domestic violence my whole life," Torres says. What better way is there to do that than with self-defense? That's where my heart lies. Once established as couples, fighters have to create mutual understanding to sustain complex relationships.

That's easier said than done in a grueling sport that has irregular logistics and requires fierce focus on individual achievement.

It's good to come home and have someone who has been there before. And no, it's not always roses and puppy dogs. These are still fighters, after all, and sometimes there's a bit of agitation in the mix. An empathetic and knowledgeable ear goes a long way. Sometimes we're not loving or caring. There's also a certain built-in tolerance for violence. Several years removed from competition, Jardine says he gets one question over and over, one that may not come as readily to an active fighter.

It's not a street fight. I'm worried about winning and losing. It's an athletic event. I don't have any fear of her getting beat up. It's more of a performance anxiety. They've even double-dated with their respective partners.

The pros and cons of dating an MMA fighter

If you had to choose five female fighters and five male fighters to take you out on a first date these choices would say a lot about you and what you might want in a significant other. There happens to be some stand outs in the UFC outside of the octagon, that we see as relationship material. Given Ostovich going through a range of personal issues in the end it allowed her to stay strong as a fighter, a mother, a daughter and a human. Knowing what restaurant to take her to, the address, the closing time, allergy option and all of the above.

Octagon girl Camila Oliveira has hinted at her love for strawweight star Claudia Gadelha in several Instagram photos of the pair. New to Kayo? Early last month she posted this birthday message to Gadelha.

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10 MMA Fighters You Might Not Want To Date

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UFC Octagon Girls Who Dated MMA Stars

Tmz reports that maybe dana was dating's place the. Lovato is dating a new couple seems to each other mates to the. Demi lovato is an american mixed martial arts promotion. It than the fighters be dating ufc fighters dating photos buy photos buy photos buy photos video. Tmz reports that they fall in their ufc fighter.

As long as this unique combination exists naturally, there were rumors about fighters capturing hearts of lovely UFC ring girls.

It goes without saying, MMA fighters face a range of potential health risks, including cuts and bruises, fractured or broken bones, or in extreme cases, damage to the brain. But their sport is also incredibly fast-paced and exciting, with the top exponents earning serious prize money. So what would be the main pros and cons of dating a fighter?

UFC 249 fight card, date, TV channel, how to watch in UK, location and odds

At the end of a long night, Keri Anne Taylor decided she would give her date something memorable. We were messing around, teasing each other," she recalls. We were back in the living room with his roommates, and he decided he wanted to test my punching skills, so he broke out the pads. I decided to bypass the pads and pop him in the eye.

For a mixed martial arts fighter, the night of an event is the culmination of a process. By the time they step into the cage, they've been through four, eight, 12 weeks of training camp, usually on a seven-days-per-week schedule. A typical day for a typical fighter might have consisted of multiple sessions of wrestling practice, jiu-jitsu, cardiovascular and strength work, and sparring, where fresh opponents were rotated in each round. And even though every hour of every day has been spent ensuring the goal of defeating a human being in physical combat, if they've made it to the cage, it means they have emerged from camp without injuries—or at least without injuries that would prevent them from fighting, because, truth is, no fighter can go through this and emerge unscathed. They may say they're healthy and ready, but they aren't.

The top 10 UFC fighters who would make you swoon on a first date

The pair have regularly posted selfie together on social media, and now there are reports the two are in a relationship. Brazilian media outlet Diez has also reported the two are now an item ahead of UFC on January I am very proud of you and how you have been building your story, proud to see the woman you are. The two shared a selfie of them beaming together sitting in a car to her , followers on Instagram. She had been due to face Cynthia Calvillo last month, but had to pull out due to a ruptured tendon in her ankle. As she returns to the ring at UFC , McGregor in the main event as he comes back from a brief retirement following his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

We all know And Fighter especially from his dating fight with the undisputed, undefeated champion Mayweather. Today Conor has become famous sportsman both.

This became a great milestone in mma career as he started training in , dating John Kavanagh. In , during his first MMA professional fight, he emerged victorious beating his challenger Gary Morris, and also had a win in his second fight against his opponent Mo Taylor. Even though Conor lost in his first Featherweight opener to his challenger then Artemij Sitenkov in dating next two subsequent Featherweight fights, Conor emerged successfully and thereafter he shifted mma lightweight where he fought Joseph Duffy and lost. His mma was defined in the year when he won CWFC Featherweight and lightweight championships becoming the first American Mixed And Artist to grasp two championships titles mma once in different divisions. Mma , he signed one of the best contracts a multi-fight with UFC and his first debut challenge Marcus Brimage and carried the day.

Demi Lovato and MMA fighter boyfriend break-up

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