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You can hear Riza and Roy call each other by their first names. The events in the game happens a few weeks or months? This part of the game is set in the Armstrong Mansion where a party was thrown in honor of the Aerugonian prince, Claudio, who was visiting Amestris. Please note that the events here may not be canon , but really, who cares? We all need more RoyAi in our lives anyway.

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Sure, my apologies for this request taking so long to do. How long did they plan on torturing him like this? Would it be worth another attempt? In fact, everything this captor did was a mystery to him. Not only did they try to protect him as Roy Mustang burned his body over and over again, not only did they place their hand on his philosopher stone when he tried to take his life, but they even had the audacity to keep him at their home like some kind of pet.

Just as his started to twist his head toward his bindings, he heard a rustling near him. His captor slept in their bed not a few feet away and based on the way the covers shifted, they were going to get up soon. Envy quickly turned his head and continued to stare at the sun instead, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of eye contact.

Envy could hear them starting to sit up in their bed as they let out a yawn. I can put more fabrics to make it more comfortable in their for you if you like. He felt a smug satisfaction seeing them recoil at the sudden outburst, mentally comparing their sullen face like that of a kicked puppy.

Even in this situation, he could at least get this little bit of power back. How did they see through him so easily? Envy was speechless, human relationships, making him whole, finding him adorable, none of it made sense to him. A lowly human…caring for a homunculus. It was ridiculous, he told himself but…if it truly were ridiculous why did their words make him feel so…happy. Envy nodded as best as he could, before watching them leave.

Their words echoing in his mind as he waited for the human to finish preparing the food. He had someone who cared for him, the concept felt so strange. With Father, he was a tool, an object to be used in order to further the Promised Day but this…this felt different. I hope you can forgive me for that. Anyway, I hope it was somewhat worth the wait at least. Kimblee took a deep breath as he stepped into town.

He was finally free and honestly…he found it rather boring. He saw a couple at a flower shop, the man buying roses for his lady. A typical dating activity that thousands of people did and they were almost universally roses, a painfully common symbol of love, Kimblee thought. Next, he saw a couple of kids running around and playing what looked to be tag at the park, another common activity that almost all kids in Amestris played with each other at one point or another.

Speaking of common, walking behind him were two men talking about work and how tough the boss was, a conversation so repetitive that Kimblee mentally guessed what each man would say before he said it. Humans generally did the same things over and over after all. Just when he started to become rather bored, a certain alchemist caught his eye. A smirk played on his lips as he stopped in his tracks and started heading towards the cafe in question.

Their eyes flickering up first in confusion and then surprise. Quickly, they pulled out the notepad they always kept on their person and began writing something down. Are you still in search of a philosopher stone? The alchemist furrowed their brows and tilted their head in a look of confusion before writing on their notepad, Why would you want to know that?

The alchemist glared at him, prepared to write something in their notebook but no words came, as if they were unsure how to respond. A feeling of smugness began to creep up on Kimblee as their actions said it all. I know that , they finally wrote down, that fire that Kimblee loved so much burned in their eyes. No use maiming yourself for one. I never said I wanted to bring back my partner , they wrote down, letting him read the message before quickly flipping the page.

Since people are more likely to sacrifice something for their lover then their friend, a lover is the safer bet. The alchemist straightened at his recollection, looking a bit taken back by his statement.

Shaking their head slightly as if to physically brush off their surprise, they wrote, That was months ago. I have high hopes for you. High hopes for what? Before the alchemist could reply, Kimblee quickly walked off with a smile plain on his face. After all, it was rare that he found someone worthy of his time.

Who knows, Kimblee thought to himself, maybe they would find a new beloved one day. A thought Kimblee found strange to be contemplating but still thought of regardless. Haha lifeblood huh? Well thank you, I appreciate it. I thought of multiple scenarios but in the end settled for this one. Anyway hope you like it. Does that about sum it up? By the time a team is put together, this guy might be long gone or worse. His partner grinned and shook their head before exiting out the door.

Greed plopped back on the bed once they left, staring at the ceiling above. Not to mention just how little info his partner had about this person. Greed was absolutely right in worrying. Based on the dark hoods and some of the chanting, Greed figured they must be some kind of cult. By the time he got there, his partner was already badly injured. Although not without a fight based on the look of things, three of the cult members were on the ground looking just as, if not more, worse for wear.

Before the others could even react, Greed attacked another member. Slicing through their dark robes and scratching through the alchemic symbols that they seemingly carved into their arms, something Greed found really unnecessary even for a weird cult. Then Greed started to slash their throat before-. I need them alive for questioning! The rest were dispatched just as quickly without much of a fight. Greed almost felt pitiful for just how poor their fighting skills were if they really planned on taking on all of Amestris.

The adrenaline still pumping through his veins as he looked around the warehouse, almost hoping for another one to show up. Seeing his partner in pain is all it took to snap him out of his battle high. He quickly ran over to his partner, picking them up gently to avoid hurting them before removing his ultimate shield so they would be more comfortable.

His partner chuckled at that, although it sounded more like a cough in the condition his partner was in. I apologize for this inconvenience. Ed stumbled groggily into the living room, rubbing his eyes awake. Well more like he just handed Winry the tools she asked for but still Alphonse was happy to help. As he stepped into the living room, he could see the form of his partner drawing on their sketch pad. They worked on newspaper comics for a living, as well as the occasional painting commission when they had the time.

Practically every time Ed saw them, they were either drawing or painting, as dedicated to their craft as Winry to her automail.

It looked like they were drawing an outline for a commission as practice, with many of the lines darkened and seemingly drawn over several times. The outline itself seemed to be a rough sketch depicting a person with mechanical wings holding a clock, least Ed thought it looked like a clock. None of the details were refined after all, just the basic outline of a person with jagged wings holding something..

Ed looked once more at the sketch. One hand, or what Ed assumed to be a hand as the darkened lines made things a bit hard to make out, looked like they were holding something near their chest. His partner gave a small smile, before turning around and gently kissing Ed.

His partner chuckled at his nervousness, before standing up. Oh yes its very good. After that though, Brotherhood continues on with the original manga story line and does it quite well. I apologize for this inconvenience but once I finish clearing my inbox, feel free to send the request again. I apologize for this taking so long but I hope the length of this scenario will kinda make up for it.

I kinda went a little overboard in writing this, hence why its under the cut. Also I used the dub dialogue instead of the Japanese sub, so I apologize to the sub fans out there. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. The rain started falling not to long ago, and even with the coat they wore, the rain had already seeped through their clothes.

At least they would soon be inside. When they got to his house though, no one answered the door. No one answered his call though. Cautiously, the group stepped through the door and into the house. The place almost looked abandoned as they started walking through.

None of the lights were on, nor was Nina or even Alexander.

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Synopsis: Jean Havoc, instructed to keep a log of his superior's behavior, gets the help of Falman, Breda, and Fuery in keeping tabs on Roy. However, in their investigation, Havoc is devestated to learn that the colonel is seeing a girl he likes. Mustang orders his subordinates to find Havoc a woman. Meanwhile, Frank Archer orders Sheska to put together records of the 5th Laboratory. She takes the assignment in hopes of finding out who killed Hughes.

Here's part 1 to my flash game that I'm making! Remember that this is my first flach game, the next part will be better How long have I tried to make it work now?

Download Now 87 downloads. For dreams that can't be reached, Are you covering your hands with blood? Al's smile. A blue island in dreams.

Flash Dating Game - Equivalent Exchange part 1

Account Options Sign in. Plumas National Forest N. Selected pages Page Page Steve Anderson Field Manager. The Concow Hazardous Fuels. Northern California District Redding. Table 44 Socioeconomic Effects by Alternative. Figure 41 Annual amount of wood products sold on the Plumas National Forest.

Fullmetal Alchemist [Jumpchain]

In addition to the normal installation instructions , this download also has a custom instruction, as follows:. Sign in Mod The Sims. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Register now.

Sure, my apologies for this request taking so long to do.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Scenarios/Headcanons

I dedicate this to my twin, Juliette, known as awesomeemonerd on here. At the end when there's the , you choose option, if you get any funny ideas that you want me to add, tell me! I do do requests, not only in dating sims but also for anime sim bots, and pics, and maybe theres some other stuff im forgetting. Have anything you want me to do, just message me.

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Она смотрела на него с недоумением. - Надеюсь, это не уловка с целью заставить меня скинуть платье. - Мидж, я бы никогда… - начал он с фальшивым смирением. - Знаю, Чед. Мне не нужно напоминать. Через тридцать секунд она уже сидела за его столом и изучала отчет шифровалки.

Fullmetal Alchemist Dating Sim

Острая боль обожгла грудь Беккера и ударила в мозг. Пальцы у него онемели. Он упал. И в следующее мгновение не осталось ничего, кроме черной бездны. ГЛАВА 102 Стратмор спустился на нижний этаж ТРАНСТЕКСТА и ступил с лесов в дюймовый слой воды на полу. Гигантский компьютер содрогался мелкой дрожью, из густого клубящегося тумана падали капли воды.

Alphonse Goldstein heart + (WH+) we date (SWD) 7 boy. Shall We DateDating SimVowsGame CharacterHeartGamesAnimeFictional CharactersI Love Him.

Он преобразовывал послания таким образом, чтобы текст выглядел бессмыслицей. Что, разумеется, было не. Каждое послание состояло из числа букв, равного полному квадрату, - шестнадцати, двадцати пяти, ста - в зависимости оттого, какой объем информации нужно было передать. Цезарь тайно объяснил офицерам, что по получении этого якобы случайного набора букв они должны записать текст таким образом, чтобы он составил квадрат.

Hiromu Arakawa to Draw Special-Edition Manga to Celebrate Live-Action ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Movie

Неужели? - Стратмор по-прежнему оставался невозмутим.  - Что показалось тебе странным. Сьюзан восхитилась спектаклем, который на ее глазах разыгрывал коммандер.

intoxicated | euphoria

Три месяца назад до Фонтейна дошли слухи о том, что от Стратмора уходит жена. Он узнал также и о том, что его заместитель просиживает на службе до глубокой ночи и может не выдержать такого напряжения.

Несмотря на разногласия со Стратмором по многим вопросам, Фонтейн всегда очень высоко его ценил. Стратмор был блестящим специалистом, возможно, лучшим в агентстве.

Но это невозможно. У нее перехватило дыхание.

В его голосе слышалось скорее недоумение, чем шок: - Что ты имеешь в виду. - Хейл… - прошептала Сьюзан.  - Он и есть Северная Дакота. Снова последовало молчание: Стратмор размышлял о том, что она сказала.

- Следопыт? - Он, похоже, был озадачен.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 37 Review

- Он похлопал Беккера по спине.  - Получите удовольствие, профессор. Вы летали когда-нибудь на Лирджете-60. Беккер усмехнулся: - Давненько не летал. Со вчерашнего дня.

FMA Sim Solutions (V2)

У нас только две рыжеволосые… Две рыжеволосые, Иммакулада и Росио… Росио… Росио… Беккер остановился как вкопанный. А еще считаюсь лингвистом. Он не мог понять, как до него не дошло .

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