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How to meet u2

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A U2 Adventure :: How I Met Bono and Got a Tattoo

Adventures come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and packages — What would it feel like to meet one of the biggest rock stars in the world and then getting his signature tattooed on your arm? I heard this story from a travel writer friend and it was so fascinating that I asked her to share it with you. Thanks Lori. Sure, you can look back on events in your life that were pivotal…. At this time in our lives, most of us have experienced all the highlights, moments that when we reflect on them we get an instant smile on our face.

That one story that I can tell over and over again and it transforms me into a 7th grade girl with all the emotions of crushing on Donny Osmond. I was transformed that night by the spectacle of this multi media show. Think what you will of Bono, but he oozes charm, has worked hard to lobby for causes he is passionate about, is devoted to his high school sweetheart and wife Ali, has four children and has an almost intimate relationship with his fans.

My goal was a hug or picture with him, but if by chance he was signing autographs I had it in my head that I wanted him to sign my shoulder and I would have that signature tattooed!

Now I had no tattoos and really had no desire to get one before, but I knew I absolutely would make a Bonograph a permanent fixture on my body. The best way to get this chance was to be there when they arrived at the United Center late afternoon on show day. To give you an idea what it takes to meet one of the biggest bands in the world, here are some requirements.

We arrived at the United Center in Chicago at about in the morning. It was a perfect time because there were only about 15 people already at the west end entry point. Seeing this, I immediately had a good feeling about this day. We had tried to meet the band the day before, but arrived too late to get a prime spot. It was still worth it though because we got pretty up close to Larry and Bono I was so flustered seeing Bono that I hit my daughter Megan in the face and her glasses flew off her head!

Security let us in the gated area around noon and we took our spot along the barricades set up to contain the impending crowd. We were in prime position!!! Now the real waiting began.

Waiting around all afternoon for your favorite band to arrive proved fun in many ways. There is something incredibly special about the U2 fan community. You meet others who share your undying love for the band, which gives you an instant connection. To spend a day with people who are your U2 tribe, sharing stories, taking pictures and making connections on social media was priceless.

I have met people young and old alike, from all over the world. A handful of them I have met up with on every tour since and have formed some great friendships. By in the afternoon, you can tell that everyone got a little restless. Trying to meet your favorite band is not for the faint of heart! We knew to watch for the extra security and upgraded activity as a sign that the band was about to arrive. This is where the patience comes in because there is a whole lot of waiting until that moment arrives.

There was lots of speculation about who was in there. Rumor went around that it was Bono. My heart sank. Then another vehicle drove in at the end of the driveway. This time it stopped and out comes Brian. OMG my heart was pounding!

This was it! My time had come!!! There Bono was! I could not breathe! My new friend Andrew was trying to keep everyone calm cause you can imagine the excitement running through the crowd, not to mention the push to the barricade from those wanting to get close from behind. I would say, there must have been people by this time although it was hard for me to see behind me. Bono started right at the beginning of the line. The incredible thing was, he took his time and signed and listened to everyone who greeted him.

Megan was standing behind me and the plan was she would have whoever stopped sign my U2 map of Dublin that came with a book as a gift for fan club membership renewal.

Everyone was pushing and I was plastered up against that barricade. I was trying to brace myself so the barricade would not topple over. Although there was pushing, the crowd stayed relatively calm. He went through pretty fast though. There were so many things in front of me, that he never did sign my map. They met through their mutual love of the band.

Very cool!!! After about 20 minutes of Bono inching ever closer and with my heart pounding he was right in front of me! I asked him if he would sign my shoulder. Megan was helping me hold my sleeve back. You are asking me what I want you to draw? He told me to hold still. I did and he drew the cool clover design with hearts I had seen him do twice before. Someone from behind me told him I was gonna have it tattooed. Everybody around me knew this was what I wanted done! I was actually quite calm.

People were talking to him from behind me and my mind was totally blank!! He took his time as he drew all the while holding my arm still. He finished, gave me a smile as I thanked him and moved on. The whole encounter probably lasted a minute, but my dream came true! After, as is typical for me, I immediately started crying!

Part adrenaline rush, part insane happiness, I felt like I needed a string tied to my big toe to guide me back to earth! Later Megan told me my voice sounded so strange. Like I was trying so hard to stay calm that it was high pitched, like she had never heard before. She did get a tiny snippet of video while he was signing my arm. After all the excitement was over we were all standing around like show and tell and showing off all the signatures.

Megan and I found our friends and they shared their Bono story too! What a day. When he realized what just happened he was really happy for me! Then the best thing happened! I was in Chicago in a neighborhood I was not familiar with!!

My plan was to wait till I got home the next day to find a place to have it done. I had no tattoos and had no idea how to go about this. They said they would bring us back to the United Center in plenty of time for the concert later. By this time it was about I thought what the heck I have to do this.

They did not want me to take a chance that it would fade and felt strongly we should find someone to do it right. I could not have met two nicer people, who took good care of Megan and I. So after a couple of phone calls, we found a place, Native Soul Tattoos, that was open in the Pilsen neighborhood.

After Bibi gave the okay, it was time to get my signature made permanent. I will never be able to thank Bibi and Edgar enough for what they did that day!!! Edgar is now one of those friends that I see whenever I am in Chicago to see U2 and we stay in touch through social media. We took our seats and enjoyed the concert! I did get some looks and I proudly told anyone that commented a brief version of the day including the three people outside the hotel as we were checking out the next day.

Now three years and three more U2 Chicago shows later, and an upcoming dream concert in Dublin in November, this day will go down as one of the highlights of my life. Getting that picture with Edge was also an exciting day!! I have been very lucky and blessed that I have been able to be up close and meet this band that I am so crazy over since that first concert in Madison, Wisconsin on September in Lori is a midlife travel and lifestyle blogger on a mission to inspire women to conquer their fears and follow their dreams through travel.

She loves to write about Paris, her home state of Wisconsin, her book addiction, and all the challenges and joys of midlife from her newly renovated vintage camper named Beatrice.

We have lots to offer here on AdventuresofEmptyNesters. Thank you for sharing my U2 story!! It certainly is my favorite story to share and I hope your readers enjoy it. Dreams do come true! You are an inspiration.

Bono reveals he doesn’t know if U2 will ever tour again as it gets harder every time

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Adventures come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and packages — What would it feel like to meet one of the biggest rock stars in the world and then getting his signature tattooed on your arm? I heard this story from a travel writer friend and it was so fascinating that I asked her to share it with you. Thanks Lori.

My Wildest Dream in Life. We were waiting in the parking lot that first day and saw them all drive in but none of the members of the band came out to greet us. The day of the second concert we were waiting in the parking lot again and saw The Edge drive in. A few moments later he came walking around the corner and since I was the first one in line, he stopped and talked to me.

U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin, formed in The group consists of Bono lead vocals and rhythm guitar , the Edge lead guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals , Adam Clayton bass guitar , and Larry Mullen Jr. Initially rooted in post-punk , U2's musical style has evolved throughout their career, yet has maintained an anthemic quality built on Bono's expressive vocals and the Edge's effects -based guitar textures. Their lyrics, often embellished with spiritual imagery, focus on personal and sociopolitical themes. Popular for their live performances, the group have staged several ambitious and elaborate tours over their career. The band formed as teenagers while attending Mount Temple Comprehensive School , when they had limited musical proficiency. Within four years, they signed with Island Records and released their debut album, Boy Subsequent work such as their first UK number-one album, War , and the singles " Sunday Bloody Sunday " and " Pride In the Name of Love " helped establish U2's reputation as a politically and socially conscious group. By the mids, they had become renowned globally for their live act, highlighted by their performance at Live Aid in The group's fifth album, The Joshua Tree , made them international superstars and was their greatest critical and commercial success.

Home Forums Gallery. I have never met them. It would be cool as hell to get to, I suppose. But I am not going to expend effort to do so, especially just to "see" them, not really meet them. Them walking by, eyes glazed over, looking off in the distance, shaking a hand isn't exactly meeting them.

How did I come to meet U2 on this particular day?

By nyru2 , March 8, in General U2eiTour I am so thankful U2 doesn't do this. I think my feelings toward them would change if they commercialized and profited off fans' desires to meet them.

Пусти меня, - сказала Сьюзан, стараясь говорить как можно спокойнее. Внезапно ее охватило ощущение опасности.

- Ну, давай же, - настаивал Хейл.  - Стратмор практически выгнал Чатрукьяна за то, что тот скрупулезно выполняет свои обязанности.

- Двухцветный снова хмыкнул.  - Эдди места себе не находит. - В Коннектикут. - Я же сказал. Возвращается домой, к мамочке и папочке, в свой пригород.

- Я сегодня улетаю. Офицер был шокирован. - Вы же только что прибыли. - Да, но человек, оплативший авиабилет, ждет. Я должен доставить эти вещи. На лице лейтенанта появилось оскорбленное выражение, какое бывает только у испанцев. - Вы хотите сказать, что даже не познакомитесь с Севильей.

Sep 30, - On previous tours I could meet a hundred lawmakers in between shows and now I know I can't do that. "This tour is particularly demanding.

Но заставь противника думать так, как выгодно тебе, и у тебя вместо врага появится союзник. - Сьюзан, - услышал он собственный голос, - Стратмор - убийца.

Ты в опасности.

Но это полный абсурд. Неужели Хейл никогда не слышал о принципе Бергофского. - Вот что нам надо сделать.

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Ей стало плохо, когда она представила себе подобное развитие событий.

Пилот сказал вполне определенно: У меня приказ оставаться здесь до вашего возвращения. Трудно даже поверить, подумал Беккер, что после всех выпавших на его долю злоключений он вернулся туда, откуда начал поиски. Чего же он ждет.

Он засмеялся. Ведь пилот может радировать Стратмору. Усмехнувшись, Беккер еще раз посмотрелся в зеркало и поправил узел галстука. Он уже собрался идти, как что-то в зеркале бросилось ему в .

- Умер человек. Почему вы не дождались полицейских. И не отдали кольцо .

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