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Looking for a redguard woman in whiterun

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Most likely you will get it when you return from slaying the dragon near the western watchtower. You see the guards arguing with a group of outsiders. The guards tell them that they are not allowed in Whiterun, and to go back to where they came from. The Alik'r warrior will tell the guards that they are not causing any trouble. All they are asking is for the guards to look for a certain person.

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What is the "good" choice in the Redguard woman quest?

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Most likely you will get it when you return from slaying the dragon near the western watchtower. You see the guards arguing with a group of outsiders. The guards tell them that they are not allowed in Whiterun, and to go back to where they came from. The Alik'r warrior will tell the guards that they are not causing any trouble.

All they are asking is for the guards to look for a certain person. The guard says he does not care what they are doing and that they are lucky he did not toss them in jail after what happened, and tells them to get lost.

The Alik'r warrior will tell the guard that this is not over, they will be back The Alik'r warrior turns to you now. They are looking for someone in Whiterun, and will pay good money for information. Ask him who they are looking for. He will tell you they are looking for a woman, a Redguard, a foreigner in these lands, like them.

They will pay for any information regarding her location. Ask them why they are looking for this person. They will tell you it's none of your concern, and all you need to know is that they are paying for information, and that you can walk away if that doesn't interest you.

Ask them who they are looking for again. He will tell you that they are looking for a fugitive who comes from Hammerfell, A redguard woman. She may be somewhere in this city. Open your quest journal. Go to the Bannered Mare, near the market. Talk to Saadia there. She will be alarmed that they have found her and plead for help.

She asks you to come talk to her in private. You can choose to either speak with her, or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location. If you want to go speak to her, follow her to her room upstairs. There she will draw a knife at you and threaten you not to touch her. Tell her they just asked you to find her. She says you cannot tell them. She needs your help. There isn't anyone she can trust in the city. Ask her what she wants. She will tell you she is not the person the people in whiterun think she is.

Her name is Iman. She is a noble from Hammerfell. She wants you to drive the Alik'r away before they find her and execute her. Ask her how you are supposed to get rid of them. She will tell you that they are mercenaries led by Kematu and that if you kill their leader, the rest will scatter.

Ask her how you are supposed to find him. He might know the whereabouts of the mercenary leader. Your quest journal is updated: The Barmaid at the Bannered mare in Whiterun is apparently a fugitive noble from Hammerfell. She claims that she is on the run from assassins sent by rival houses in her homeland and needs someone to stop them before they find her. Talk to the Alik'r prisoner or inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location.

Head to Dragonsreach You can fast travel there if you've already been there. Enter, then go to the Northwest and climb down some stairs to enter the Dragonsreach dungeon.. Tell him you need to find Kematu. Ask him where Kematu is hiding. He will tell you that he will give you the information you need if you see to his release. Talk to the guard and pay thee g fine, then talk to the Alik'r prisoner again about how you two can help each other out.

Tell him his fine has been paid and to tell you where Kematu is. He will tell you that Kematu is west of Whiterun, in an unassuming little cave called "Swindler's Den". Leave the dungeon and go back up to Dragonsreach. Your objective now is to kill Kematu. Exit Whiterun and head west. If you have already discovered the Western Watchtower, you can save some time by fast travelling there. Kill the lone bandit that is guarding it and go inside.

Work your way through the tunnels, killing the bandits along the way. The best strategy to kill those is to lure them into the narrow tunnel where you can kill them one at a time.

After defeating them, jump up to the upper level of the cavern and continue east through some water. Kematu will be in the next cavern. He will tell you that you have proven your strength and he wants to avoid further bldoodshed. You can choose to talk to Kematu or kill him. He will tell you she sold the city out to the Dominion, she is a traitor.

She betrayed her city to the Dominipn and they want to bring her to justice. Tell him you were sent to kill him but he asks that instead you help with bringing her to Justice in Hammerfell. He tells you that since she trusts you, Lure her to the stables outside Whiterun by telling her they are coming for her and she needs to leave. In the stables, they will be waiting for her and take her in. He will share a portion of the bounty with you.

Tell him you will do it and he says they will wait for you at the stables: "i've been asked to eliminate claims that saadia betrayed her people to the Dominion and they are here to bring her justice. If you can't find her in the ground level, then she is in her room on the second floor. Lie to her, that you were unable to defeat them all and that they are coming for her.

You need to get her out of here. Tell her you have a horse waiting for her in the stables, and that you will make sure that she is safe. She trusts you. Exit the inn and lead her to the stables outside the city. Take her to the back of the stables. Kematu awaits her there. She asks you what have you done. Kematu tells her that he she couldnt expect to manipulate people for much longer, and paralyzes her with a spell. Talk to Kematu. He will tell you that they are now going to take Saadia back to Hammerfell where she will pay a price for her treason.

He will give you gold as reward. This completes the quest "In My Time of Need". Spread The Word del. What happens if you kill Kematu in the cave instea d of talking to him?

Reply to this comment. Cancel this reply. Whatever the outcom e you get Now, wheth er the story changes afte r that then who knows. I'd probably kill Kematu and his men for the exper ience and extra gold and not to mention sweet dou ble-wield scimitars then reap my reward from Saadi a. You can then trade foo d and ingredients with Sa adia although she has a s mall amount of gold I se en her with only gold.

I don't know about any future story progression. You may meet Kematu in Hammerfell later on if yo u can even go there You can get both rewards if your playing as an imp erial. You follow this wa lkthrough all the way til l after Kematu gives you the reward then you kill him, Saadia gets freed a nd immediately turns host ile.

If you use the voice of the emperor she calms down and then gives you a reward when you talk to her. If you go to the ba nnered mare after this Sa adia will be hostile to y ou. When I went in my com panion killed her right a way. I didnt get charged for any crimes though. So I got to loot the everyt hing in the cave, both re wards and looted both of their bodies.

I guess you could keep Saddia alive by not going to the Banne red Mare again she only h ad 8 gold and a lockpick on her,. I took saadia to kematu, got my reward, pickp ocketed his gold, he noticed, killed him, got another gold and then killed saadia :D.

Skyrim:In My Time Of Need

The initial part of this mission consists in finding Saadia. After that, you may choose how you want to behave towards the woman - help her or continue the quest and turn her over to Redguards. If you have completed the Dragon Rising main quest, upon heading Whiterun you should come across a couple Redguards wanting to get inside the city. The guards won't be willing to let them in, so the Nomads will have to turn back. Speak to them to learn that their clan Alik'r is searching for a Redguard woman who hiding inside the city.

The Dragonborn encounters some Alik'r warriors in search of a Redguard woman. They must choose whether to believe the warriors, and return the woman to custody, or trust the fugitive, and kill her pursuers. Either option offers a decent monetary reward.

You will receive Gold if you choose to kill Kematu. Sometime after you speak with the Jarl, a pair of Alik'r warriors stand just at the entrance to Whiterun and beckon you over. Alternatively, you can start this quest by finding them elsewhere and approaching them as they are harrassing a Redguard woman They commission you to help them locate a Redguard woman hiding somewhere in Whiterun. They're willing to pay for any information you can find about this woman. She is the waitress named Saadia at the Bannered Mare.

In My Time of Need

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Skyrim Sidequest – In My Time of Need

Return to V - Skyrim. Find the Redguard woman - which side did you take? Some werewolf killed them in my game - it was kinda' horrifying. I hope they come back.

Reward : written by Blackdove86 , not checked.

Spell Tomes. Stones Locations. Treasure Maps.

Where is the Redguard woman you have to find in Whiterun?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I was approached by a few underhanded Redguard men calling themselves the Alik'r in Whiterun, who wanted a Redguard woman.

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Quest Stages - MS08 (In My Time Of Need)

Mord. Убийство. - Да. Убийство азиата сегодня утром. В парке.

Jan 11, - Saadia, aka the Redguard Woman, claims that the Alik'r Mercenaries the town guards, seeking a woman they claim is a runaway criminal.

Подумайте о юридических последствиях. Звонивший выдержал зловещую паузу. - А что, если мистер Танкадо перестанет быть фактором, который следует принимать во внимание. Нуматака чуть не расхохотался, но в голосе звонившего слышалась подозрительная решимость. - Если Танкадо перестанет быть фактором? - вслух размышлял Нуматака.

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Он смотрел на огромную толпу панков, какую ему еще никогда не доводилось видеть. Повсюду мелькали красно-бело-синие прически. Беккер вздохнул, взвешивая свои возможности. Где ей еще быть в субботний вечер.

Skyrim Walkthrough: In My Time of Need

Три месяца назад до Фонтейна дошли слухи о том, что от Стратмора уходит жена. Он узнал также и о том, что его заместитель просиживает на службе до глубокой ночи и может не выдержать такого напряжения. Несмотря на разногласия со Стратмором по многим вопросам, Фонтейн всегда очень высоко его ценил.

Скорее кличка коровы, чем имя красавицы. Разве так могут назвать католичку.

Мидж посмотрела на него с удивлением. - Я вовсе не имела в виду твою жену.  - Она невинно захлопала ресницами.  - Я имела в виду Кармен.

Роса? - Беккер сжал руку Клушара. Старик застонал. - Он называл ее… - Речь его стала невнятной и едва слышной. Медсестра была уже совсем близко и что-то кричала Беккеру по-испански, но он ничего не слышал. Его глаза не отрывались от губ Клушара. Он еще раз сжал его руку, но тут наконец подбежала медсестра. Она вцепилась Беккеру в плечо, заставив его подняться - как раз в тот момент, когда губы старика шевельнулись.

- Мы упускаем последнюю возможность вырубить питание. Фонтейн промолчал. И словно по волшебству в этот момент открылась дверь, и в комнату оперативного управления, запыхавшись, вбежала Мидж.

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