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When to get a girl puppy spayed

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Puppies are adorable! But there are already more than enough puppies in our world. Too many dogs desperately need homes. Please don't take homes away from those dogs by creating more puppies.

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How Will Spaying Change My Dog?

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Puppies are adorable! But there are already more than enough puppies in our world. Too many dogs desperately need homes. Please don't take homes away from those dogs by creating more puppies. Your female does not — absolutely does not — need to have puppies in order to be happy or healthy. In fact, just the opposite is true. Female dogs carrying puppies or trying to birth puppies can suffer infections and complications that can make them miserable or even kill them.

Imagine the guilt you would feel, losing your beloved dog so unnecessarily. In most cases, yes. For many reasons, which I'll tell you in a moment. But first we have to take care of another myth When you look at the current research on spaying and neutering, the AGE at which it's done turns out to be vitally important to your dog's future health. For example, your female dog should NOT be spayed at 6 months old.

We'll talk about that in a moment, too. You can call it spaying or neutering or de-sexing. All three terms refer to a hysterectomy — removing the ovaries and uterus so your female no longer comes into heat and cannot have puppies.

Nearly 1 in 4 intact females will develop an infection called pyometra. The uterus swells with toxic pus and the only cure is an emergency spay. The surgery is dangerous when a middle-aged or elderly dog is already sick from the infection.

Many beloved dogs die from pyometra, which can be completely prevented by spaying while your dog is still young and healthy. A few weeks after a heat period, some intact females act as though they're going to have pups. Their nipples produce milk and they become obsessed with stuffed toys as puppy substitutes. It sounds harmless, even amusing. But the hormonal changes associated with a false pregnancy can throw your dog's metabolism out of whack, causing health problems.

A 9-year-old dog named Caina developed a false pregnancy, followed by infection of her mammary glands. The infection spread through her bloodstream, and even with antibiotic treatment, Caina died. Your dog can die trying to give birth, or shortly after birth from infections. Your beloved dog was happy and healthy, then suddenly she's gone, just because you wanted puppies.

Imagine how terrible you would feel. Also, dogs are put to sleep every day because there are not enough homes for them. Any puppies created by your female will take homes away from the poor dogs who are already here. What if your female passed along genes for a health problem? A dog who is allowed to breed must first be tested and cleared of certain health problems known to be hereditary.

Imagine a puppy living with a painful health problem because your female had that problem in her genes yet was allowed to breed. You would feel sad and guilty. Finally, responsible breeding requires too much knowledge and expense. You need to learn about canine genetics and researching pedigrees. You need to pay veterinary costs, and if anything goes wrong during the pregnancy or birthing or with the puppies, vet costs go up really fast.

Breeding is simply not worth it. Most of the following statistics come from a year study at the University of California Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The study was headed by Dr. Benjamin Hart and study results published in Extra weight leads to debilitating joint disease, arthritis, heart disease, pancreatitis, and diabetes. Spayed dogs become overweight when owners feed the same amount of food as before their dog was spayed.

Spaying, you see, changes a dog's hormonal make-up and metabolism so she doesn't require as much food. Monitor your dog's shape as you feed her. Keep adjusting the amount you feed so she stays on the slender side, and provide plenty of exercise. Then your spayed dog will not become fat. Apparently the reproductive hormones offer some protection against this cancer, because spayed females are twice as likely to develop hemangiosarcoma of the spleen and five times as likely to develop hemangiosarcoma of the heart, compared to unspayed females.

The loss of reproductive hormones appears to upset the endocrine system. This can result in low thyroid levels, which causes weight gain and lethargy.

Fortunately it can be treated with a daily thyroid supplement for the rest of your dog's life. But most of these complications are minor. The reproductive hormones help your dog's bones, joints, and internal organs to develop properly.

If you remove those reproductive hormones too early, they don't have enough time to complete their valuable work. The moral is Don't spay or neuter before your dog's reproductive hormones have had time to do their valuable work. And when is that? It depends on her size or breed, which is completely covered in my dog care book. Please don't spay your dog before you read Chapter Uterine infections are very, very bad. Mammary tumors are bad Lusty males can smell a female in heat from a mile away.

And you really don't want to breed on purpose. You don't want to risk your dog's life to bring more puppies into the world, taking homes away from the poor dogs who are already here.

The only breeds I might hesitate to spay are those most prone to hemangiosarcoma scroll up to yellow box , since spayed females are the most likely to develop this cancer. But I believe I would still spay, and then cross my fingers. Spaying at the wrong age can have unwanted consequences for the rest of your dog's life. So don't hurry your dog off to surgery. Get the facts first.

Remember, your dog can develop health problems if spayed too early. She needs her reproductive hormones for some time so her bones, joints, and internal organs can develop normally.

So don't rush to spay. There's a right time and many wrong times to have the surgery done. And don't forget that spaying is major surgery under general anesthesia. You don't want to just drop off your dog expecting all safety precautions to be taken.

In fact, those safety precautions are often not used unless you specifically ask for them. There are 6 questions you should ask and 6 answers you want to hear to make sure your dog will be as safe as possible during the surgery.

When to spay An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs. Should You Get Pet Insurance? The Best Dog Food. Kibble or Canned Dog Food. Think Your Veterinarian Is Good? Here's How To Tell.

Dog training videos. Sometimes it's easier to train your puppy or adult dog when you can see the correct training techniques in action. The problem is that most dog training videos on the internet are worthless, because they use the wrong training method. I recommend these dog training videos that are based on respect and leadership. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be copied, displayed on another website, or distributed in any way without permission from the author.

You might be wondering, "Should my female dog have one litter before being spayed? So no, you shouldn't breed your dog — even once. So the next question is, "Should female dogs be spayed? First, let's look at the positives — the advantages of spaying your female. Good reasons to spay your female dog You can call it spaying or neutering or de-sexing. A dog who is NOT spayed is also called intact. Spaying prevents the nuisance of heat periods.

Heat periods can be messy and embarrassing.

Spaying and Neutering Your Puppy or Adult Dog: Questions and Answers

Spay surgery can be behaviorally and medically beneficial for your dog. There are significant medical benefits to be gained from spaying your dog. Spaying prevents the following conditions:. Most dogs experience two heat cycles per year. However, spaying can affect many behaviors associated with the heat cycle.

Whole Dog Journal unabashedly supports the positive efforts of animal protection workers around the country to reduce the euthanasia of unwanted animal companions, including the proactive approach of shelters to spay and neuter dogs at a relatively early age, before they have had a chance to make more puppies. And she has serious concerns about surgical sterilization for young puppies. She advises her clients to spay and neuter their dogs between the ages of six to 12 months.

Here are a few of the ways:. Be the first to hear about pet-specific news, health tips, exclusive offers and more! Unsubscribe at any time. By reducing the pet population, you make it easier for shelter pets to find a loving home. A staggering 10 million pets are surrendered to shelters each year, and of those, three to four million are humanely euthanized just because they have no home.

what is the best age to spay or neuter your dog?

Spaying or neutering puppies is the responsible way to care for your pet and it's important to know when to do it. Female pups mature more quickly than you may think. They can become pregnant as early as 5 or 6 months old and most dogs can produce two litters a year. The words altering, sterilizing, and neutering all refer to surgery performed by a veterinarian that removes the reproductive organs of either a male or female animal, making them unable to reproduce. Surgery prevents unwanted litters. The surgeries help prevent aggressive behavior, fight wounds, messy canine vaginal discharges, and uterine infections. Castrating male pets eliminates the chance of testicular cancer and spaying your dog before her first breeding season reduces any risk of breast cancer by seven times. Newer studies also indicate sterilized dogs live an average of a year and a half longer than intact dogs. If you are concerned about sterilizing your dog, speak with your veterinarian about new non-surgical sterilization options.

When should I have my puppy spayed/neutered?

New puppy visits have to be one of my favorite appointments in veterinary medicine. Adorable puppies, excited owners, so many opportunities to lay the groundwork for a long and happy life together. We cover lots of topics: vaccinations, deworming schedules, training, nutrition. For a very long time, veterinary medicine offered a fairly standard response: Six months.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions people have about these surgeries. Jerry Klein:.

What is neutering? Neutering means surgically preventing pets from reproducing. With castration both testicles are removed which takes away the main source of the male hormone testosterone.

Spay/Neuter Your Pet

The answer used to be easy, six months for dogs, six months for cats. No thought required. Then the shelters, concerned with the number of unwanted pets, began to promote spaying and neutering at younger ages.

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Is it time to spay your new female dog? Knowing when to spay a puppy is fairly straightforward, but knowing when to spay a dog who has reached adult age can be harder to determine. For help on deciding whether the time is right to spay your dog, keep reading. Spaying is a surgical procedure performed on female animals involving the removal of the ovaries and uterus, primarily in order to prevent reproduction. The slightly simpler procedure for removing a male dog's sex organs is called neutering. You might also hear the term sterilization which is just the gender neutral expression of having the reproductive organs removed.

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

Spaying or neutering a female dog is not a small operation, so owners should think carefully about all the pros and cons before deciding. The main advantages of spaying are preventing pregnancy, preventing infection of the uterus pyometra , preventing ovarian or uterine cancer and reducing the likelihood of mammary breast cancer, all of which can be life-threatening. It also prevents the inconvenience of having a bitch in season with unwanted attention from male dogs. The main disadvantages are major surgery with associated risks, an anaesthetic with associated risks and the increased likelihood of urinary incontinence in later life. Fortunately, the risks involved in anaesthesia and surgery are very small indeed compared with the risks of the other conditions which are prevented by spaying. Urinary incontinence in later life is a nuisance but not very common, and can usually be controlled by drugs.

If we're thinking in purely human terms, the thought of spaying or neutering Getting your dog fixed will also lessen unwanted marking and humping However, a female dog doesn't need to have a litter of puppies to be emotionally fulfilled.

A spay surgery prevents female dogs from getting pregnant by removing both the ovaries and the uterus. Some dog owners think they can prevent pregnancy by keeping their pooch in a secure yard and staying on the lookout for unwelcome males. Think you can just keep away unwanted suitors?

All About Spaying and Neutering a Puppy

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Spaying Your Female Dog: What You Need To Know

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